PROPERTY in Thailand

Property rights in Thailand

Do you want to acquire a property in Thailand? Here is the basic information you should know.

Confusion over property rights for foreigners in Thailand is often linked to the acquisition of land and a house. It is therefore essential to know that :

• Foreigners cannot buy land in their name and therefore have full ownership of the land *.

• Foreigners can own property built on the land

* Exception: foreigners who have invested and maintained an investment of 40 million THB (1 million euros) in Thailand for 5 years, can receive an authorization from the Board of Investment, to buy land within the limit of 1 rai (1 600m²) in their own name, for purely residential use.

If you wish to acquire a house or a villa in Thailand, the legal solution is to rent the ground for a long duration, the leasehold, whose maximum duration is currently 30 years renewable. The rental contract must be registered with the Thai administration (Land Department). At the end of this rental, the contract must be renewed for a new period of 30 years and so on (conditions to be defined beforehand with the owner of the land).